About Me

I am fascinated of exploring

embossing effect into the textiles. The embossing effect create an extra dimension to my patterns and the tactility get stronger.

All my textiles are hand made and every pattern is unique. I am printing at: heavy silk-a-like/Acetat, Alcantara, felted wool and jersey wool. I can do more pieces of the some pattern and you get those small differences cause of the hand made method. Max. of each pattern piece is 110 cm x 45 cm.

In 2005 I am educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Since that I have worked as Home Wear designer at Isabell Kristensen, as Accessories Designer at Jack & Jones and now I am doing my own hand made textiles.


Signe Bonnesen

Hempbarg 5 e

22589 Hamburg



+45 151 46759756